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Tips And Tricks Aren't Enough.

You need a system...

You see here’s the problem with learning how to mix these days: there’s no plan for you to follow, just a bunch of fragmented tips.

But mixing isn’t just a combination of tips, it’s a methodical plan. It has steps. It has a flow, a strategy!

But so many of us home studio owners are sitting alone in our “audio caves” reading post after post and watching YouTube video after YouTube video, with no real vision or direction to take when it actually comes to mixing our songs.

So we just fire open our DAW, insert a bunch of plugins, do what we’ve seen other people do and hope that it all works out in the end.

And of course, it doesn’t. Our mixes never seem to sound like what we hear in our heads. And that drives you crazy!

For years, all I wanted was for someone to sit me down, take my by the hand, and SHOW me step by step how to think about mixing from raw tracks to final master.

Unfortunately for me, I had to develop a workflow on my own. Cobbled together from over 15 years of experimenting, schooling, book reading, and video watching.

The good news for YOU though, is that you can skip all of that pain and frustration by taking my REthink Mixing video course.

REthink Mixing is my flagship mix training. It’s the way I would teach you if you came over to my house for an afternoon and I trained you one on one.

I literally take a real session of raw tracks (recorded in some dude’s basement mind you, not some pro studio) and show you how I mix from start to finish.

I show you EVERYTHING.

You will literally see each move, plugin setting, and strategy along the way. I don’t skip a thing or do any mixing “off camera”. I put it all out there for you to see and learn from.

If you’ve ever wanted someone to give you step by step instruction for how to best mix your material, this is it.

In REthink Mixing, I show you exactly what it takes to put together a pro sounding mix, including how to:

  • Create wide mixes with clarity and depth.
  • Get the perfect volume balance every time.
  • Ensure your mixes translate beautifully out in the “real world.”
  • Sweeten your mixes like the pros to keep the listener captivated.
  • Master complex automation moves to breathe life into your tracks.

What students are saying...

I just wanted to say how absolutely brilliant the training has been and I wish so very much that money I had spent on gear had been spent with you sooner. I have paid for other mixing/production videos on well known training websites in the past, but none of them actually explain the reasoning like you do, or the workflow, so completely. With your videos I actually understand why things are being done. REthink Mixing really does just tie it all together and brings so much clarity to the process. I’ve already started using your techniques in my mixes and honestly, it’s made mixing fun again (and quicker)!!

Alex W. REthink Mixing Student

From the outset of REthink Mixing, I realized that everything I've been doing these years has been essentially wrong. It felt as though you were systematically answering every question I ever had and revealing every mixing 'secret' that I ever wanted to know. I'm currently mixing my second full length album and, having applied your process and techniques from the course, I couldn't be more excited about how it is turning out.  What's even more exciting to me is that it is the natural tone of the instruments that is shining through and blending as opposed to the over-processed garbage that made up my previous mixes. I'm now hearing all kinds of things that I had even forgotten I did when recording! Thank you again!

Dan M. REthink Mixing Student

"No plugin, no summing mixer, and no new set of monitors or converters will help you become 2x, 5x, or even 10x times better at mixing..."

The only way to see that kind of improvement is to learn a better method and implement it in your mixes. REthink Mixing is that plan. It’s tested, proven, and is being used by thousands of my students each and every day.

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Also, I offer a no-questions-asked, 100 percent money-back, sixty-day guarantee if you can’t honestly say thatTotal Home Recording has helped you achieve better sounding recordings that have more depth, life, energy, clarity, punch, and musicality. And all with the same gear you already have.

I want you to have complete peace of mind when you purchase any of my training courses. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, you don’t pay.

Go ahead and sign up. Watch all of the videos, implement the strategies and techniques in a few of your recordings, and if you don’t enjoy the results within the first 60 days, I don’t deserve your money.

Simply contact me within 60 days of your initial purchase and I will refund your entire order immediately.

No guilt. No hard feelings.

If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay. It’s that simple

You can even keep the Home Studio Hacks eBook and Total Home Recording Cheat Sheet as my gift.


Total Home Recording is an insane value if you think about. I've done live in person workshops where I teach this exact same method but seats for those events cost $3000.

Instead, you can get virtual access to my proven step-by-step recording and producing method at a fraction of the cost and without the hassle of having to travel.

I know that once you see exactly how I bring in a live band and record them from top to bottom you'll have way more confidence and a complete system in place to start recording tracks that not only sound pro, but virtually mix themselves!


Graham Cochrane


P.S. Where will your recordings and mixes be 3 months from now if you don’t change the way you approach working in your home studio? Probably sounding about the same as they do today.

If you don’t invest in Total Home Recording, can you guarantee that your tracks will start sounding like the professional mixes you adore? Don’t waste another minute doing the same thing you’ve always been doing. Your music deserves better. YOU deserve better.

P.P.S. I truly believe in my training products as I have seen them open peoples’ eyes and empower them to make better music in their studios. If you are unsatisfied with these training videos and feel you haven’t gotten an incredible amount of value out of them, contact me within 60 days and I will promptly offer a full refund. I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase!

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