A Complete System To Getting Radio-Ready Mixes With The Gear You Already Have

If you’ve learned a bunch of mixing tips and tricks over the years, but still can’t churn out a mix that sounds as good as what you hear on the radio, it’s not a surprise…

You’re sitting there in your bedroom or basement studio, staring at your DAW, and trying every trick in the book to get your mix to pop like the pros. But nothing is working.

You know you should be using EQ, compression, reverb, delay, and all kinds of processing, but with each plugin you insert your mix starts to sound worse and worse.

Sometimes it sounds harsh, sometimes it sounds muddy. Either way it doesn’t sound like your favorite pro mixes.

And what’s worse, the moment you start to get things to sound half way decent in your room, you bounce down an MP3 of the mix, take it to your car to listen, and it completely falls apart.

All you want to do is to take your good recordings that you worked hard on, and finish them up with a solid mix that sounds great on headphones, normal speakers, car stereos…everywhere!

So out of frustration you start to wonder if great mixing is more than just the techniques and tricks you’ve learned, it might be about what gear you use.

So you start dropping some money on a few fancy plugin bundles or maybe even a pair of new studio monitors.

But of course that never seems to help. Your mixes still sound out of balance and amateur, which only leaves you feeling frustrated and desperate.

“Maybe I’m just not good at mixing,” you think. “Maybe I simply don’t have the ears to do this well.”

Can you identify with any of these statements?

  • My mixes sound muddy or overly hyped.
  • I can’t seem to get clarity and separation in my mixes like the pros.
  •  I know lots of mix “tips” but not the big picture. 
  • My mixes sound OK in my studio but fall apart everywhere else. 
  • I just wish I could watch someone mix a song from start to finish.

Tips And Tricks Aren't Enough. You Need A System.

You see here’s the problem with learning how to mix these days: there’s no plan for you to follow, just a bunch of fragmented tips.

But mixing isn’t just a combination of tips, it’s a methodical plan. It has steps. It has a flow, a strategy!

But so many of us home studio owners are sitting alone in our “audio caves” reading post after post and watching YouTube video after YouTube video, with no real vision or direction to take when it actually comes to mixing our songs.

So we just fire open our DAW, insert a bunch of plugins, do what we’ve seen other people do and hope that it all works out in the end.

And of course, it doesn’t. Our mixes never seem to sound like what we hear in our heads. And that drives you crazy!

Here’s the thing: I honestly believe that the home studio mixers of today are at a serious disadvantage to the top pros who are mixing our favorite songs right now.

Not because they have more expensive plugins or gear than us.

And not because they work in professionally treated rooms with perfect acoustics.

No, the reason you and I are at a disadvantage is because we are going it alone.

Here’s a secret: the pros all had mixing mentors! 

That’s right, they learned by watching and copying others. No expensive equipment needed, just step by step instruction.

Let Me Be Your Mixing Mentor

For years, all I wanted was for someone to sit me down, take my by the hand, and SHOW me step by step how to think about mixing from raw tracks to final master.

Unfortunately for me, I had to develop a workflow on my own. Cobbled together from over 15 years of experimenting, schooling, book reading, and video watching.

The good news for YOU though, is that you can skip all of that pain and frustration by taking my REthink Mixing video course.

REthink Mixing is my flagship mix training. It’s the way I would teach you if you came over to my house for an afternoon and I trained you one on one.

I literally take a real session of raw tracks (recorded in some dude’s basement mind you, not some pro studio) and show you how I mix from start to finish.

I show you EVERYTHING.

You will literally see each move, plugin setting, and strategy along the way. I don’t skip a thing or do any mixing “off camera”. I put it all out there for you to see and learn from.

If you’ve ever wanted someone to give you step by step instruction for how to best mix your material, this is it.


In REthink Mixing, I show you exactly what it takes to put together a pro sounding mix, including how to:

  • Create wide mixes with clarity and depth. 
  • Get the perfect volume balance every time. 
  • Ensure your mixes translate beautifully out in the “real world.” 
  • Sweeten your mixes like the pros to keep the listener captivated. 
  • Master complex automation moves to breathe life into your tracks.

“My mixes already sound better!”

I love the way you teach and present ideas. REthink Mixing has given me a method to apply to my mixes and they already sound better! Thank you so much for giving me a process to go by. - Tom R.

“Didn’t think I could get a mix this good with my gear!”

My mixes were so thin and I seemed to be chasing my tail trying to cut harshness in my mix. They’re sounding great now. I actually didn’t think I could get a mix this good in my room with my gear. Now my pre-mixes sound better than my old finished mixes. - Toby B.


Who Am I?

My name is Graham Cochrane.

I am a full time producer, recording/mix engineer, worship leader, and singer/songwriter. I also am the founder of The Recording Revolution, a website dedicated to helping people make better music in their home studios and one of the fastest growing pro audio blogs on the web.

If you’ve watched any of my free video tutorials then you know that I teach in a clear, to the point, and relevant way, enabling you to learn quickly and get on with your music.

I know many of you haven’t had the privilege of training in a pro studio under talented mixing engineers like I have.

It seems fewer and fewer people are getting any formal audio engineering training at all these days and that’s a shame.

I’m all for DIY, but I know just how much better your mixes could be if you were to sit down and learn from someone with a bit more experience than you!

REthink Mixing is your blueprint for pro mixes!

Spend an afternoon with me and I’ll show you how to turn real home studio tracks into polished radio-ready mixes!

Real Mixing Training For Real People

REthink Mixing is the ultimate mixing tutorial for real home and project studio owners like you.


Because you get to watch me mix tracks that were recorded with home studio equipment in some guy’s basement. Not a slick basement studio, just your regular old basement!

Over the course of 8 in-depth videos, you’ll watch as we transform these raw (and in some cases rough) tracks into a punchy, clear, and professional sounding mix that you can be proud of.

I literally mix the entire song in front of your eyes, with no further tweaking happening in between videos or behind the scenes. 

Nothing is held back as I invite you into my personal mixing workflow!

“A must for anyone with a DAW!”

I could just feel you sitting right beside me, teaching with a live recorded session. Your explanations are very crisp, clear, and to the point. REthink Mixing is a must for anyone with a DAW - Baba P.

“You’ve connected the dots!”

Up until now I’ve felt like I had a handle on lots of mixing techniques but have always been a little bit mystified by the bigger picture of using them to make a mix work. I just cant wait to start out on a new track now because I feel like you’ve connected the dots. You’re alongside or even above Dave Pensado on providing the best mixing resource on the web. - Todd S.


As part of purchasing REthink Mixing, you will get access to the original raw tracks that I mix in the videos so you can import them into the DAW of your choice and start putting everything you learned into practice right away!

These tracks are standard wave file format recorded at 44.1khz and 24 bit. Import them into your DAW and they will line up perfectly, ready for you to attempt an even better mix than mine!

Get Exclusive Access To The REthink Mixing"Vault"

The moment you join REthink Mixing, you not only get instant access to my best video instruction on mixing, but you get lifetime access to what I call the "Vault."

Inside the Vault I've included a few bonus goodies just for you.

First off is an exclusive video tutorial on my popular "Top Down Mixing" approach that I've addressed on The Recording Revolution. Never before have I put this concept together in a step by step video tutorial, until now!

"Top Down Mixing" is a somewhat backwards way of approaching a mix, one in which you use as few plugins as possible to get maxium results in less time.

This mindset and approach combined with the core content in REthink Mixing will give you everything you need to attack your next mix with an all out assualt of confidence and direction!

The REthink Mixing Cheat Sheet

Also in the Vault I'm including something super practical - a cheat sheet. It's a simple guide that you can print out and tape to your desk or wall in your studio and reference every time you mix.

It basically outlines my exact mixing workflow, step by step - just the way you will learn inside REthink Mixing.

After going through all of the material, this cheat sheet will call to mind all the nuances and details I've shared with you so you can keep them top of mind as you mix, without having take time to reference videos in the middle of a session.

But of course you can do both. It's your choice! I won't mind.

"The best no nonsense mixing training I've ever seen!"

Just a quick note to say that rethink Mixing rocks and I'm only in Video 2! 
I tried the techniques on a Worship song I'm writing and it's already sounding better than anything I've mixed so far. This is the best no nonsense mixing training I've ever seen. Thanks! - Gary R. 

 "Brought my first mix to a much higher level!"

I learned so many useful little things in REthink Mixing while “sitting next to you.”  Even if the genre of music I am trying to mix is very different from yours, the basics are the same. I could already bring my first mix to a much higher level thanks to the sum of all those little things. - Pascal G.

Imagine How Much Better Your Tracks Could Sound (With The Same Gear You Already Have)

Think about the next mix you want to do.

Maybe it’s a new song, or maybe it’s a whole new EP or album you’re working on.

You’re exited about these tunes and you want them to sound even better than everything you’ve done before. But you’re afraid that when it comes time to mix them, you’ll be disappointed with the results.

Imagine a few weeks from now after you’ve gone through the entire REthink Mixing course. You’ve seen the workflow, the proven methods for bringing tracks to life.

You sit down to mix your new music, follow the steps you learned, and by using the exact same plugins, DAW, and speakers/headphones you currently have you’re able to churn out a mix that sounds so good your friends are surprised to hear that you actually did it yourself.

How good will that feel, to know that you already have the gear and tools you need to get a radio-ready mix, and now you have the knowledge and mindset to get there?

How Much Would You Spend To Guarantee Better Sounding Mixes From Now On?

See here’s the thing: we all are desperate to get better sounding mixes in our home studios.

So desperate, in fact, that we’re willing to spend whatever it takes (within reason) to get those results. Unfortunately we spend our money on the wrong things.

You could buy a new plugin and maybe spend $150 to $200. Or maybe even an entire bundle of top level plugins, the ones the pros use, for $600 or more.

But would those guarantee you better mixes?

You could buy an analog summing mixer for $1,500 or a set of converters for over $2,000, easy.

Or you could invest in education. 

Maybe one semester at an audio technology school studying music production. That would cost you $7,000. For one semester!

But if that investment would give you the results you want forever, wouldn’t it almost be justifiably worth it?

Luckily For You There’s A Better Option: REthink Mixing

I don’t want you to waste your money on something that you don’t need. Especially if it doesn’t actually help your mixes sound way better.

No plugin, no summing mixer, no new set of monitors or converters will help you become 2x, 5x, or 10x times better at mixing.

The only way to see that kind of improvement is to learn a better method and implement it in your mixes.

REthink Mixing is that plan. It’s tested, proven, and is being used by thousands of my students each and every day.

This course represents the best and most comprehensive training resource I’ve ever offered to the public. Over 10 years of experience all in one affordable package!

If you’re ready to see your music’s full potential (and not spend any more money on gear in the process) then invest in REthink Mixing today. Your mixes will never be the same.

“Worth every single cent.”

REthink Mixing was worth it, every single cent. An amazing work you have there, consistent, easy to understand, you cover everything in depth but with clarity at the same time, just wonderful. Your videos have been more then helpful for me. - Leonardo W.

“You really want us to succeed in making our music.”

Graham, I think what makes REthink Mixing so special is that you have the passion not just for the music but also for teaching (possibly a missing ingredient from some of the other instructionals I’ve seen). While others can be informative in the academic sense, they don’t bring things into context the way you do. They don’t go that extra mile to explain things in simple enough terms so that that they know you get it. It feels like you really really want us to understand how to succeed in making our music. - Chris S.

REthink Mixing

If you want my absolute best mixing training then you need REthink Mixing. Remember, when you order you get instant access to:

  •  All 8 videos of my core mix training showing you an over-the-shoulder mixing experience with over 6 hours of in-depth instruction
  • The original multi-track files I use in these videos so you can practice with the same material I'm using
  • The "Top Down Mixing" video tutorial showing you my practical and backwards mixing workflow that saves you CPU power and precious time
  • The "REthink Mixing Cheat Sheet" - the fast and easy guide to my step by step mixing approach
  • A complete step-by-step system for taking your home studio tracks and turning them into radio-ready mixes!


REthink Mixing PLUS Bundle

Take your mixes to the next level with the REthink Mixing PLUS Bundle. Get everything that comes with REthink Mixing plus a second set of multi-track files to download and mix.

These are tracks I recorded here in my home studio and they are great for practice. Not only that, but I’ve created an additional custom tutorial for how I mixed this second song, filled with more tips and tricks that build off of the core videos in REthink Mixing.

Also - Simply for picking up the REthink Mixing PLUS Bundle, I’m offering (at least for now) a custom mix critique for any song you like. Remember, you can’t get this mix feedback anywhere else unless you hire me for one of my coaching calls. This is a better deal, trust me.

So with the REthink Mixing PLUS Bundle you are getting:

  •  All 8 videos of my core mix training showing you an over-the-shoulder mixing experience with over 6 hours of in-depth instruction
  • The original multi-track files I use in these videos so you can practice with the same material I'm using
  • The "Top Down Mixing" video tutorial showing you my practical and backwards mixing workflow that saves you CPU power and precious time
  • The "REthink Mixing Cheat Sheet" - the fast and easy guide to my step by step mixing approach
  • Additional multi-tracks of one of my own songs for mix practice ($25 Value)
  • An extra hour of additional custom tutorial training on how I mixed the song in my home studio - covering more drum and bass enhancement techniques to give your mix more punch ($50 Value)
  • A custom mix critique of one of your songs (I don't offer this anywhere else) ($150 Value)

REthink Mixing ELITE Bundle

If you're looking to get the most possible out of this course, then why not spend some one on one time with the guy who created!

I've created the REthink Mixing ELITE Bundle in order to not only give you my best training, but custom coaching as well.

When you order the ELITE Bundle you're getting everything that comes in the PLUS Bundle, but ALSO an exclusive one hour coaching session with me where we can talk about anything and everything you want to cover.

So with the
REthink Mixing ELITE Bundle you are getting:

  •  All 8 videos of my core mix training showing you an over-the-shoulder mixing experience with over 6 hours of in-depth instruction
  • The original multi-track files I use in these videos so you can practice with the same material I'm using
  • The "Top Down Mixing" video tutorial showing you my practical and backwards mixing workflow that saves you CPU power and precious time
  • The "REthink Mixing Cheat Sheet" - the fast and easy guide to my step by step mixing approach
  • Additional multi-tracks of one of my own songs for mix practice ($25 value)
  • An extra hour of additional custom tutorial training on how I mixed the song in my home studio - covering more drum and bass enhancement techniques to give your mix more punch ($50 value)
  • A custom mix review of one of your songs with suggestions and feedback ($150 value)
  • A one hour private coaching call with me (via Skype) to cover any topic or issue of your choice! ($250 value) 

“Definitely worth the price of admission.”

I attended Full Sail University (or as my fellow class mates and I call it, Full Scam) for one year. I learned more from REthink Mixing in a few hours than I did at Full Scam in over a year. My music sounds better, I’m more confident and I feel that I’m not just turning knobs endlessly until is sounds OK. There’s a method here and your way of teaching and what you offer is definitely worth the price of admission. I wish I had came across your site before registering at Full Scam. But anyway, thanks Graham! I’m glad I found your site!! - Brad B.


No-questions-asked, 100 percent money-back, sixty-day guarantee if you can’t honestly say that REthink Mixing has helped you achieve better sounding mixes with more clarity, punch, and impact than ever before and given you confidence and a complete workflow for mixing your tracks faster and with more purpose.

I want you to have complete peace of mind when you purchase any of my training courses. If you aren’t 100% satisfied, you don’t pay. 

Go ahead and sign up. Watch all of the videos, implement the strategies and techniques in a few mixes, and if you don’t enjoy the results within the first 60 days, I don’t deserve your money.

Simply contact me within 60 days of your initial purchase and I will refund your entire order immediately.

No guilt. No hard feelings.

If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay. It’s that simple

“It totally changed my game!”

I purchased your REthink Mixing and it totally changed my game. Seriously!  It has made the single biggest impact in my mixing abilities. More than helping me become a better mix engineer by following some fundamental steps, it has given me the confidence to believe that it’s not just the big names that can create great mixes. - Evan L.

“This video series was spectacular!”

Hey Graham, I just wanted to take a moment and say that this video series was spectacular! I watched the whole thing in just two sittings. SUPER INFORMATIVE!!!!!  Well worth every penny! Keep up the great work brother!  - Jeff M.

“Finally, I’m getting some dynamics and clarity and polish!”

Your tutorial means more than you will ever know. Finally, I’m getting some dynamics and clarity and polish, finally. Thank you. You give so much for so little cost, such a contrast to most of the half-help out there. Have you ever seen what Berklee charges for just one online course? About $1000 I think.  - Todd S.

“I’m taking on paid mixing work and delivering pro results.”

These videos have taken me from being a “demo mixer” to taking on paid mixing work of almost all kinds and delivering professional results. Your principles can be applied everywhere.  - David S.

“I have never seen things explained so clearly.”

Wow… the time and effort you put into REthink Mixing is amazing… and quite a HUGE benefit for the price. Being able to follow along with an experienced mixer at my own pace really helped me and solidified concepts in my mind as to why to do things at certain times. I picked up so many little details in each video that made perfect sense but I had never seen explained so clearly. - Brian R.

“Your structured approach to mixing was very refreshing.”

Worth every penny!  As a teaching course – outstanding!  Your structured approach to mixing was very refreshing.  I really appreciated how clear and concise you presented the material.  As a Logic user, it was also valuable to see the Pro Tools end of things.  Like you said, every DAW can accomplish the same tasks. Your workflow is now my “template” for my future mixing projects.  I’ve already made some changes to a current mix I’m working on and it’s made a huge difference! - Jeff V.

“Improved my mixing 10 fold.”

I recently purchased and watched your REthink Mixing series and it has improved my studio mixing — and my live mixing, believe it or not — 10 fold. - Jorge B.

“Simply magical!”

When I heard the raw tracks in the first few minutes I didn’t really like the song. But when I heard it in the last 3 minutes of the final video, I was mesmerized. The way you tweak things here and there and improve the sound is simply magical. Great job Graham. - Chris J.

REthink Mixing is an insane value considering I normally charge hundreds of dollars to sit down and spend this much time giving mix training to someone.

I know that once you see exactly how I mix a basement recorded song, you will tackle your mixes with greater confidence having all the tools needed to produce truly professional results!

Graham Cochrane

P.S. Where will your mixes be 3 months from now if you don’t change the way you approach mixing? If you don’t invest in REthink Mixing, can you guarantee that your tracks will start sounding like the professional mixes you adore? Don’t waste another minute doing the same thing you’ve always been doing. Your music deserves better. YOU deserve better.

P.P.S. I truly believe in my training products as I have seen them open peoples’ eyes and empower them to make better music in their studios. If you are unsatisfied with these training videos and feel you haven’t gotten an incredible amount of value out of them, contact me within 60 days and I will promptly offer a full refund. I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase!

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